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Having a wedding album is a fantastic way to tell the unique story of your wedding day. Each wedding photographer is different, with some photographers choosing the photos to go into the album. We prefer you to choose your own favourite wedding photos. The result is a more personal and unique album telling the story of the wedding day.

We personally design your wedding album. Every album really is unique, as your selection of photos helps to determine the layout of each page. Some photos, such as detail photos of shoes, rings etc. look better grouped together on a single page. Other wedding photos are better suited spread over two full pages of the album, especially newly-wed photos of just the two of you.

All of our wedding albums are printed digitally to ensure the highest print quality, with the album pages and cover assembly all finished by hand by experienced craftspeople.

Your beautiful and unique photos really do deserve to be presented in a way that tells the story of your wedding day

We have 4 different kinds of album sizes 8X8, 10x8, 10x10 & 11X14, swatches available are Classic Matte Gray, Classic Matte Brown, and Premium Bridal White Canvas - canvas like texture but leather


Light and airy, dark or moody, every photographer has their own style of editing photos. We however are in between, we preserve and enhance the skin tone and colours from your wedding. The vibrant hues from your bouquet, your make up and lighting. We aim to keep it simple and timeless so whenever you look at your wedding photos, you'd still be able to remember the colours, emotions and feel the love from those images. 

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