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Kevin & Kim

Seda Vertis Wedding

From watching Spiderman Homecoming in the Cinema to watching Spiderman No Way Home via torrent! Check out Kevin & Kim's lovely wedding!

#sedavertishotel #mrchinatown2022

Photo & Video | Peach Frost Studio

Bridal HMUA | Dred Postigo Makeup

Bridal robe, bridal gown, mothers's gowns | Merri Chan Designs

Groom and Groom's Father Suit | Julynneth Tailoring

Entourage HMUA | Beautified By Irish

String Trio | Anima Choir and Strings

Ceremony Host | Mike Acuña

Ceremony and reception styling | Arraza Events

OTD Coordination | 8willhappen Events Management

Crew Meal | Yhel's Kitchen

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