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Uriel & Anna

Pico de Loro Wedding

Uriel and Anna's intimate beach wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and friendship. The sun was shining, the waves were crashing, and their closest family members and friends were there to witness their special day. Even the rain couldn't dampen the joy of the occasion as it only added to the romantic atmosphere. And who could forget their adorable dogs that joined in on all the fun? It was a truly magical day that will be remembered by everyone who attended for years to come.

Event Planner • PATH Production 
Photo & Video • Peach Frost Studio 
Pico Sands Hotel  • St Therese and the Child Jesus Chapel, Pico de Loro • Host Sherwin • Annika Dayrit Makeup  • Senia La Fleur • Forrent • Official Dragon Fireworks Inc. 

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